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 Remote and Face to Face Therapy Sessions

 "in a supportive and non-judgemental environment where it is safe to truly be yourself"  
Using both modern and traditional techniques, I can offer professional support with the following:
Creating change
Managing stress and anxiety
Emotional regulation
Work-life balance
Healing difficult emotions
Healing difficult memories
Compulsive behaviour
Covert trauma
Creating positive relationships
Fatigue (incl. CFS/ME & long covid)
Increasing performance (sport, work, study)
Confidence and self esteem 
Smoking cessation 
Cultivating optimum health
Calming the nervous system
Sleep issues
Chronic illness 
Addictive cravings
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Clear Journeys Therapies offers Fatigue Coaching and Aphantasia Coaching based on extensive personal and professional experience.

Fatigue Coaching

Discover elements contributing to your fatigue and how these affect your physical and psychological experience. Take back control of your health, energy, relationships, hobbies and career!
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Aphantasia Coaching

From one Aphant to another, learn and explore together how YOU work and function specifically - and tap into that!
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Founder of Clear Journeys Therapies

Rebecca McHale

Psychology Practitioner. 
Therapeutic Coach.
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Hear from my clients...
"Rebecca was amazing to work with. I found her support really helped me and still use the strategies that she taught me now. She helped me find myself and because of that I was able to leave the toxic relationship that I was in, which changed my life in many ways, and the way that I see myself.”

Nikki Chandler

  "After having a few sessions with Rebecca, I can honestly say that it was a great pleasure, and I am so thankful to have worked with her. Most importantly and unexpectedly, she helped me to be a more mindful person. Being in her presence, I would get an overwhelming feeling of calm and presence. Rebecca was a very chilled, patient and understanding practitioner. I always felt very comfortable telling her about my insecurities and problems and never once feeling like I was being judged. I had a strong and genuine feeling that she wanted to support and help me. Highly recommend!”   

Luke Colvill

"Having worked with a few therapists over the years, I was blown away by how effective Rebecca was to work with. Rebecca has magical ways of allowing you to see things differently and truly feel into that new way of being. I engaged with Rebecca for a very specific issue and actually continued to work with her on things that I wasn’t even aware would enrich my life so much! I’m totally excited about my future having been previously very stuck.”

Mara H

Heal the Past, Feel the Present, Carve the Future

Integrative Therapy with Clear Journeys is underpinned by the latest developments in psychological theory and comprises of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Developmental Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Life Coaching - providing a flexible approach to support any journey.


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