Aphantasia Network Article

30 August 2023
Rebecca McHale

A Psychology Practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia.

Rebecca McHale, Psychology Practitioner-Therapeutic Coach, has worked closely with the team at Aphantasia Network to publish an article that explores aphantasia in the context of neurodiversity and healing. Navigate the intricate landscape of aphantasia, highlighting the vast spectrum of mental imagery, from those who can't visualise at all to those who vividly experience all senses internally. Learn about the importance of understanding modalities in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and how they shape our perception of the world. Plus, explore the challenges faced by those with aphantasia in therapy and they key principles for effective healing.

A must read for anyone curious about the diverse way our minds work!

"I very much enjoyed working with the team at Aphantasia Network to publish this interesting piece!"

Find the article here: Aphantasia, Neurodiversity, And Healing

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