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27 October 2023
Go Sober for October (and Emotional Styles)

It is worth noting that almost all of us use these emotional styles, and it is not 'wrong' to use them - but it is useful to have a conscious awareness of them, understand how frequently we use them, and it what circumstances - and identify if there is any place that we feel we could address our emotions in order to move through them and grow. 

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23 October 2023
Endurance vs Acceptance

I decided to look for a therapist this week to support me in a new journey (yes therapists also see therapists from time to time!). I came across this school of thought that we cannot change how we feel or create our own circumstances, but that we can learn how to cope with them. 

Whilst coping is great, and really does have it's place, WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!

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30 August 2023
Aphantasia Network Article

A Psychology Practitioner begins to bridge the gap between practitioner and client in relation to aphantasia. Rebecca McHale, Psychology Practitioner-Therapeutic Coach, has worked closely with the team at Aphantasia Network to publish an article that explores aphantasia in the context of neurodiversity and healing. Navigate the intricate landscape of aphantasia, highlighting the vast spectrum of mental […]

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2 June 2023
What Is Aphantasia?

‘Aphantasia’ relates to mental imagery only, however those with Aphantasia commonly report a lack of other internal senses and internal dialogue...

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