Endurance vs Acceptance

23 October 2023
Rebecca McHale

"What can't be cured, must be endured" NO!

I decided to look for a therapist this week to support me in a new journey (yes therapists also see therapists from time to time!). I came across this school of thought that we cannot change how we feel or create our own circumstances, but that we can learn how to cope with them. 

Whilst coping is great, and really does have it's place, WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! So instead of encouraging clients to 'endure', I encourage acceptance. Now you might be thinking "well Rebecca, I've had a really rough ride, I don't accept it and I'm not about to" - and that's completely understandable. 

HOWEVER, a wise man (Carl Jung) once said "What we resist will persist". What does this mean? Well if, for example, if we resist our feelings of anger, they'll hang around for longer, and more intensely than if we allow them to be. They'll spill out in areas that cause us (and potentially others) further harm and discomfort. 

And this concept is not limited to anger - the emotion could be guilt, fear, embarrassment, overwhelm, stress, resentment...the list goes on. 

Acceptance allows us to process and move through what we feel and come to a better, healthier place - meaning a better relationship with ourselves, a better relationship with others, and new choices and ways of seeing. 

How could things be different for you if you embraced 'acceptance' rather than 'endurance'?

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