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Do you offer evening and weekend appointments?

Evening appointments are available on weekdays. Weekend appointments are available with limited availability. I ask that weekend appointments are chosen only when you have difficulty in attending weekday/evening appointments.

How do I know that my Psychology Practitioner is working professionally?

You can ask your practitioner for details of their governing bodies (for example, The British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP (BIH)), and check that they are registered with full status. Your practitioner should talk through what you can expect within sessions, provisions for confidentiality, therapeutic boundaries, and terms of service. If you are not clear on whether your therapist is working professionally, you can reach out to them directly for clarification, or contact their governing body with any concerns.

How frequently can I have sessions?

Usually sessions are held on a weekly basis. We can decide the most appropriate frequency of sessions together during your consultation. In some cases, it may be appropriate to meet fortnightly.

How many sessions will we have?

Following your free consultation, I usually advise 4-8 sessions – which can be reviewed as necessary. Some clients choose to engage for ‘one off’ sessions following this, and others choose to continue with regular sessions or check-in sessions as required.

How much do sessions cost at Clear Journeys?

Initial consultations (30 minutes) are free of charge.

60 minute session = £65

90 minute session = £85

Session packages (6 x 60 minute sessions) = £325

15 minute check-in sessions = £18

Reduced rates are available for those with low income and you can enquire about this using the contact form or writing to rebecca@clearjourniestherapies.com


I can’t afford sessions with Clear Journeys – what can I do?

I offer reduced rates for those with low income and you can enquire about this using the contact form or writing to rebecca@clearjourneystherapies.com.

What are check-in sessions?

Check-in sessions are 15 minute calls that are designed to add support, keep you on track and discuss anything that may come up between sessions. Check in sessions are optional and are there to provide valuable additional support where required.

What can I expect from my free consultation with Clear Journeys?

Consultations are approximately 30 minutes and you can choose between phone and video call. Prior to your consultation, you’ll receive a paperless initial consultation form (hard copies can be sent upon request). This form will allow me to get to know you a little before we meet, giving us a head start and freeing up time for any questions that you might have. When we meet for your consultation, we’ll explore your difficulties and goals and decide if and how we might work with them.


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