1-1 Fatigue Coaching Course

Take back control of your health, energy, relationships, hobbies and career - SUSTAINABLY!

Fatigue can be scary, frustrating and lonely...

Having overcome ME/CFS, as well as working with hundreds of others across the globe experiencing fatigue related conditions, I have a deep understanding of fatigue, including the psychological and physiological experiences that can be present.

My personal and professional journey in this area, having journeyed from entirely bedbound to a new, fulfilling life, allows me to support you, in a safe, compassionate environment for your unique journey with fatigue.

Whether you have received a diagnoses, or your symptoms perplex you without answers, discover elements contributing to your fatigue and how these also affect your physical and psychological experience. We will then set achievable goals based on our discovery, defining the obstacles that you might come across and how to overcome them.

Please note that no part of goal setting requires pushing past your current energetic capacity, and is of a supportive nature to your healing journey.

The Fatigue Coaching Course is a bespoke service, based on your personal experience and circumstances, and not a 'one fits all' approach.

You may already feel as though you have tried EVERYTHING, or feel overwhelmed about where to start. It can often be the case that what triggered our fatigue in the first place, is not necessarily the cause of ongoing symptoms - leaving us feeling a little lost on what to do next! 

During this work, we take into account your currently capacity and energy levels to ensure that we are working gently enough for your current experience.

Location: The Fatigue Coaching Course can be attended online (including clients outside of the UK), or in person (UK and Europe – depending on availability).

Cost: 1-1 online courses - £560. For pricing for in person courses, please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

To engage in this course, we will first have an initial consultation to explore your needs and requirements.

The consultation is free of charge with no obligation. Courses consist of a total of 8 hours of 1-1 coaching, split into manageable session times that feel right for you. Between sessions you will have assignments to enable you to continue to progress between sessions. 

You may wish to engage in ongoing support following the course to receive additional support in manage your progress and work with anything that comes up for you following the course. This is optional.

Please note that the Fatigue Coaching Course with Clear Journeys is a complimentary process and not a replacement for medical treatment.


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